Weekly Wrap-Up :: Week 10

Another week flew by! This past week, we had the opportunity to go see a production of Alice. It was a great experience and I briefly talked about it here.

The rest of the week went well, we completed all our main subjects and continued with some of our science, history, and geography as well.

In science, we watched a Magic School Bus dvd about the human body. Celeste hasn't watched many of their videos and she really liked it. I will have to remember to check our library for other titles that relate to our studies. Here is one episode we watched:

In Geography, we spent some time learning about Switzerland. I couldn't get our usual Enchantment of the World book on that particular country from the library, but we enjoyed reading Cultures of the World: Switzerland. We also made some Swiss dishes, Muesli for breakfast and Alplermagronen for dinner, which is similar to macaroni and cheese, and is served with apple sauce. It was delicious!


Celeste was not feeling well this past week, so part of Tuesday was spent at the local walk-in clinic to get her checked out. She is much better now, just a little bit of coughing left.


  1. Aren't live performances amazing? We have not gone to any in a while, but they are one of the things that we used to schedule regularly. So glad your kids enjoyed it. That macaroni dish looks amazing- I am bookmarking it for when we get to Switzerland. So glad your daughter is feeling better!


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