Weekly Wrap-Up :: Week 9

This week, we focused a lot more on our schoolwork. We didn't have any homeschool events to attend and the weather was often rainy.

Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada. Adrienne and Andre spent the day flying in a glider with their fellow Air Cadets. Celeste and I enjoyed our day and I started on some Christmas gifts. She also worked on her felt garland.

The rest of the week was uneventful. We worked on all our subjects. I took photos of the kids working on their math. My oldest works on a laptop in my bedroom (and doesn't like having her photo taken!). She does like Math though and has been helping our neighbour, tutoring her once a week.

This week, we continued our study of the human body. We learned about the skeleton, the heart, and the blood in our body. We even had a volunteer who donated a little blood for us to see through our microscope! 

I used the Complete Book of the Human Body from Usborne as a base to read aloud and we all visited some interesting links suggested in it:

Skeleton game
How Does Your Body Move : The Haunted House
Brain Pop Heart Movie and Quizz
Heart Animations

We also did the labs from our science curriculum, checking our pulse after doing several different exercices was a lot of fun!

In Geography, we studied Holland. We made one of the recipes from the Usborne Children's World Cookbook "Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce". I have made this dish before and everyone in our family loves it. We used Gouda cheese.

You can see a short video of a traditional Dutch cheese market: Alkmaar Cheese Market.

We managed to include our Art Appreciation in our studies this week! When we are busy, that is usually one of the subjects that gets left out unfortunately. This week we learned about Ancient Egypt Art. We used Ralph Masiello's Ancient Egypt Drawing Book, his books are great. Our library has a few of his titles and we have enjoyed them in the past. This time, Andre chose to do a pyramid and Celeste the Eye of Horus. As a read aloud, I used Ancient Egypt Art by Susie Hodge, a great introduction filled with photos.

There's our week! How was yours? You can see many other homeschoolers wrap-up posts at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers blog.


  1. I did not know that this past Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada. Do you guys have a huge feast & celebrate like we do in the states? Stopping by from the W.W.U.

  2. Wow! The photo of your dd in your room could be my daughter (but the bed doesn't look right lol!). Although my dd has gotten used to the photo taking :) My kids (especially my dd) LOVES the Ralph Masiello books!
    Sounds like it was a good week. Here's to another good one eh?
    Stopping by from the WUHS Weekly Wrap-Up

  3. Loved seeing your week:)We'll have to find that Ancient Egypt Drawing Book...thanks for sharing! Your cauliflower looked yummy too.


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