Evolved homeschooler?

Our lives are changing all the time. I don't know about yours, but for us, this is true. And it is especially true when it comes to homeschooling. Year after year, we are changing. Not only because each child is entering a different "grade" but because simply they are learning new things, new skills and abilities all the time.

I can call myself an evolved homeschooler. I think this is a perfect title for me!
I have always considered our homeschooling to be of an eclectic style. Even when we first started and followed the Well Trained Mind "classical" education style, we didn't follow it 100%. We adjusted where we felt the need to adjust. Over the years, I have evolved into what I am today. This is always going on and next year will be different too!

Last week, my oldest started a new experiment "the high school unschool experiment". I talked about it a bit during last wrap up post. I think it's so important to be ready to evolve when it comes to homeschooling. Evolve, change, adapt, adjust...I should go get our thesaurus and find some other words! 

Homeschooling should be an enjoyable experience, in my opinion. Our children are only young once, only with us for a small amount of time. My focus is to provide them with a good education, but also with a love of learning. I want to give them opportunities to find out what they love and what they enjoy doing. What gets them excited, what they can't get enough.

In order to that, they have to be able to explore and have time for themselves. I have learned that over the years and if I kept with my original classical education style, my children wouldn't have had as much free time as they have now to pursue their interests. I do expose them to different ideas and we continue to do subjects like World Geography and Science together. I think it's important to open new windows like this. How would someone find out they have a passion for chemistry if they never have been exposed to it. They might figure it out on their own, but since we enjoy doing these together, we continue.

Every family is different. Everyone has different ideas about how they prefer to parent and homeschool. I only write this post to try to encourage you to be flexible, open to new ideas and concepts, and find out what works best for your family at the present time.