Changes and a decision

I have been working on my blog and renovating it. 

The name has changed, you can read more about the meaning in the new "about me" tab. The look has changed, just cleaned it up. I will likely change the background again, but I like the fonts I picked this time. 

I haven't written goals for the new year, and I don't know if I will, but I do know that I want to use this blog more for myself and to share with others as well. 

I am nearing my 40th birthday and with that, I have made a few decisions. One of them is to say goodbye to fake colour for good. I have tried in the past and wasn't able to just let go. Now I am done. I don't like anything fake, especially for food and personal products. So why was I going away from my ways just for my hair? No more! I think I went through this back and forth in the last couple of years to prepare me for this final decision. I feel very strongly about this decision. No matter how bad it gets, I will continue. I have some hats to cover up with while it is growing out. I will get creative with hair accessories if needed! 

I am telling you this because I will try to post regularly about the process. It will help me keep focused and I know I am not the only one going through that transformation. I found a website that has great information and support: Going Gray Looking Great. It's nice to see other young women embracing what nature is giving them! 

I decided just after colouring my hair last time that I wouldn't do it again. That was November 26th. I took some photos this morning, can't see a whole lot of white/silver hair at this point in the photos, but wanted to document the process anyway.

No more! The date is the last colouring I did.

A quick picture just to show my fake hair colour

When I pull back my hair a little, I can notice white hair already! 

I am looking forward to the transformation. I feel like I will finally just be me completely. I might need encouragement along the way don't be afraid to leave me some! 


  1. good for you! what a great way to start the new year! :)

  2. you can do it! my hair has been steadily graying for years now.

  3. Considering the society we live in you are very very brave for not conforming to the rules of society that women must look young and they must apply 10 tonnes of product on them per year in order to stay youthful.

  4. You might be pleasantly surprised. I let my hair go natural about 10 years ago. I had only dyed it twice but didn't enjoy doing it so decided to go gray. My hair is a nice mix with a lot of blonde that is lighter than my original color. I don't regret letting it go at all! And with seven kids, I have earned this gray!


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