Transformation Update :: End of January

Back in December of last year, I announced that I was dumping the fake colouring. The last time I coloured my hair was late November. I have stuck to my plan and I am happy to see the transformation. I still have a long way to go, but I can see more silver/white hair! It is interesting to me to see how different it is compared to a couple of years ago when I tried this. Last time, I had a lot more of my natural dark brown hair left and didn't really like the mix look I was seeing. 
I am excited to see more and looking forward to the progression! I am also letting my hair grow, haven't even gone for a trim yet. I will soon, just to  help the growth along. 
Here is a quick shot of the progress so far:

It's difficult to get a good photo at this point. The first one is with my regular camera, the bottom one with the iTouch. The colour looks different under different light too. It seems to be coming in pretty evenly though, no big patches. I am a work in progress!


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