Weekly Wrap Up :: Week 18

We are fully back to our regular school routine now, even Adrienne. Her unschooling experiment is done and we both learned a lot from it.
In case you haven't read my last post, we will be moving in the near future from South Western Ontario to Prince Edward Island for my husband's work. This will be the biggest move we have done as a family (I don't count my move from France to Canada!). We are all looking forward to it and somedays feel like Celeste who said "can we go NOW?"!! We do have a house to sell first, but my husband will be there as of the end of February and we will be following not too long after hopefully.

Back to our routine, with two days completed last week and this week a full week.

Smurfette helped Celeste with her schoolwork ;)

We completed all the main subjects, language arts and math and also managed to include science, world geography and cultures, history, and a new small literature study.

Here are some highlights:

In Geography, we studied India this week. We learned about their culture and religion with the help of the books in the photo above. Adrienne and Andre completed  notebook pages about the country, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. We also listened to some traditional Hindu music on youtube. We will be trying some food next week before moving on to Greece. The video below is one that we listened to:


Adrienne is back to her regular schedule, which includes high school biology. This week, she learned about DNA. We used a simple kit from Home Science Tools to help us visualize what we learned.

Andre and Celeste finished their study of the human body with a fun study of fingerprints!

We also had a lot of fun, even though we spent some time decluttering and cleaning our house! We went to see The Adventures of Tintin, which we loved! We have enjoyed the books over the years, I used to read them when I was little, both Andre and Adrienne like them too. We saw it in 3D, which we don't normally like, but it was fine this time.

The girls have been having fun with their AG dolls. We gave this book to Celeste at Christmas and it has been a great inspiration. They made most of the food you see with foam sheets. You can get big packs inexpensively at most craft stores.

There's our week back in a short post! How was your start of the new year?
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  1. That sounds like a pretty exciting move, horrible PEI winter weather notwithstanding! Please tell me one of your first field trips will be Anne of Green Gables' house. :)

  2. Hungry Planet is one of my favorite books. Can't wait to hear about your move.

  3. Oh, PEI! We've been wanting to visit there (and Nova Scotia), camping our way around in the summer, but sadly it hasn't happened. Yet!

    Great DNA strand! Home Science Tools, huh? I think I just got that catalog in the mail! Looks like fun for Biology next year!

  4. Sounds like a great week. I'll have to look back through your blog and see what thoughts were on the unschooling experiment. I can't imagine moving- we have been in the same house for 24 years! It sounds like you guys have a good attitude toward it.

  5. Love the dna strand! We made one with licorice and marshmallows last year.

  6. PEI! Nice!
    I hate moving so I don't envy that part but I will love seeing your new home and maybe some nature study from there!


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