Great Backyard Bird Count ~ February 19

We decided to go to a local park which is close to a marina, since there was a couple of showings at our house this afternoon. We brought the camera and observed the birds there for about fifteen minutes. It was windy and cold!

We reported seeing:

Canada Goose - 15
Mallard - 11
Ring-billed Gull - 7
Herring Gull - 12.

We think there was probably more, but we counted at least that many before heading back to our car for some warmth!

You can still participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count tomorrow. 


  1. Great idea and nice birds!!! We have had so few lately, two huge snowfalls seems to have sent them all packing for warmer ground. Have been slowly coming back.

    1. I love looking at your pictures! We are just finishing up Astronomy and will be moving onto Creatures of the Air, I can't wait to take the kids bird watching this spring/summer.


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