JN Mystery Class Update :: Week 2

Week 2 of Journey North Mystery Class and we are able to sort our data between Southern and Northern Hemisphere. We are able to do this by checking which locations are gaining increasing their photoperiod (Northern) and which ones are loosing daylight hours (Southern). One location (at the bottom) hasn't changed its photoperiod. This one must be very close to the Equator, we'll be keeping an eye on this one over the next few weeks!

Check out the link from my good friend Carol at You're Not Lost, You're Here, it will take you to a list of the Equatorial monuments around the world.

photo from Journey North Mystery Class

Here is a recap of our findings this week:

MC # 1 - Northern Hemisphere
MC # 2 - Southern Hemisphere
MC # 3 - Northern Hemisphere
MC # 4 - Southern Hemisphere
MC # 5 - Northern Hemisphere
MC # 6 - Southern Hemisphere
MC # 7 - ??? - very close to Equator
MC # 8 - Southern Hemisphere
MC # 9 - Northern Hemisphere
MC #10 - Northern Hemisphere


  1. Hi we are also starting this science project. We are in the southern hemisphere. Your blog is terrific! I am coming back to visit again soon!


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