Project 366 ~ February 8 to 24 + Transformation Update

Life has been busy this month! We continue to have our home for sale. We are all hoping it doesn't take much longer, as my husband is already working in a different province. We all miss him very much.

I am continuing with my transformation. I talked about it in these posts before. Basically, I have decided to not colour my hair any more. It is now almost the end of February. I haven't cut my hair yet. I have decided to let it grow at the same time as letting my colour grow out. 

I have embraced wearing hats while I go out and I have also been creative when I take my weekly self portraits for my 52 Fridays Challenge. You can see that in the bottom right photo of the Project 366 mosaic. My grey hair looks like highlights in that one! 

Here is what it really looks like now. I am really pleased with the progress still and I feel confident about my decision more and more. The photo below is the same at the bottom right one in the mosaic, minus the sepia filter. In the second one, you can see a little bit more of the grey/white coming through at the top. I straightened my hair for that self portrait, so the new growth is more noticeable than usual. I still like it! 


  1. your grey hair is going to be so pretty! and i love your long locks ; )


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