Weekly Wrap-Up :: Week 22

We had a short week last week, choosing to take two days off school work to spend extra time with my husband as he is now away working in PEI.

The beginning of the week was filled with our regular work, Math and Language Arts, and with Science, History, and Geography.

We learned about butterflies and bees in Science. Adrienne had found a Monarch butterfly wing a few years ago and took it out to check under the microscope. We were all able to see the scales on the wing. I wish I could show you all what we saw! (I googled and found a good photo here.)  

Lately, I have noticed that it feels like we have just been going through the motion with most of our school work. It might be because we are more concerned about selling our house and the upcoming move, or just a case of the  "winter blahs".

Whatever the reason, I thought about mixing things up a bit. I noticed that since late fall,  we haven't been as consistent with Music and Art Appreciation or Nature Study. Friday, I organized myself and planned out our next week or two. We are putting on hold Math and Language Arts. My kids love to practice with World Maths Day, so that will continue. We will also continue with our Geography and Science studies. I am aiming to do about nine weeks worth of Art and Music Appreciation in one week or two. I think it's achievable because of the curriculum we are using.  

I don't think we will be focusing on Nature Study at this time, but I might re-assess that in the middle of the week. We'll see how much time we have left during the day and how we feel about it. I know that once we move, we will want to discover our new environment and either formal or informal nature study will happen then.

I believe that school work needs to be completed, but I have also witnessed enough times that learning should be enjoyed to be retained. If we are just "going through the motions", chances are we are not really enjoying ourselves or retaining much.


  1. Oh, oh...we bought one of these funky little cameras for our microscope. Very cool! I hear you about the "going through the motion" again we seem to get so busy and I panic I am never getting enough done lol.


  2. We have been in that situation for a while. I think that, if it's possible, it is important to get settled as soon as possible so that learning can continue to be fun again. When the mind is occupied with other things there seems to be less space for the (so called) "important" subjects. This is the case for anyone, not just children. Good luck. I wanted to come and see you before you moved. You guys are in my thoughts. P.S. Great Pictures! :)


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