a little gypsy...

I am packing again. We sold our house this past Monday, such a relief! Now we can focus on our new adventure, and first the packing and moving out of Ontario.

Every week, I take part of the 52 Fridays self-portrait challenge. I was a little late this week, only taking a photo today but I was out of ideas yesterday and I was busy packing.

As soon as I thought that, I knew what my photo was going to be. It had to have a box to show what I am in the middle of right now.

So I got in the box.

Which made me think..wow..I have been in this situation a lot. I could call myself an expert at packing and moving. As I was posting this photo on flickr and adding a description, I looked back on all my moves. I quickly went through in my head and guessed 17 moves, including this upcoming move, since I was born. A couple of hours later, I decided to write it out. I had missed some. Since I was born, I have moved 18 times (19 counting this coming one). I have lived in 4 different countries and at least 10 cities.

All that moving is fine, I like going on new adventures. I do feel like a little gypsy, never staying put very long. I have met so many wonderful people because of all the moving we have done. I wouldn't change anything.

But...I told myself that if I really love where I am going next, I will give myself a few years to really enjoy it.

Living by the ocean is one of my dream and it's coming true. Our next home doesn't have to be right on the ocean, I just would like to be close enough to hear it and smell it. To be able to go for a short walk or drive or bike ride and see it. Prince Edward Island will fulfill my dream and that is why I think I am going to love it.


  1. J'ai adoré te lire. Bon courage et grosses bises my friend.

  2. Love it! Great pic. I'm so happy for you guys - I think this move will be fantastic. Every new move brings with it exciting possibilities and potential! And now that you've sold your house, you can start looking forward. :)


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