Book Sharing Monday :: Bubble Homes and Fish Farts

Bubble Homes and Fish Farts is written by Fiona Bayrock and illustrated by Carolyn Conahan. We picked up this title from the library to add to our fish study. This book talks about many more animals than just fish! It is all about bubbles and how animals, from Violet Sea Snails to Pearl Gourami, use bubbles. 

"Bubbles are soft and squishy and full of air. They shimmer. They float. And they are very handy. Animals make bubbles, ride bubbles, breathe bubbles, and even live in bubbles. Animals use bubbles in amazing ways."
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  1. I like the way they capture the children's attention with a comment like "fish farts" and then go on to teach them the science behind it.

  2. Looks like another winner, Alex! I love the illustrations in this one.

    1. This looks like an amazing book. Wouldn't mind taking a boo when I see you next. :)


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