Book Sharing Monday :: Robot Drawing Book

Ralph Masiello has a great series of drawing books. We have enjoyed the Bug Drawing Book, the Dragon Drawing Book, and the Ancient Egypt Drawing Book.

This time, we checked out the Robot Drawing Book from our local library. Andre and I tried our hand at some robots while we were watching a movie Friday night.

We particularly liked that each page gave us a  basic robot to draw and that we could add details "spare parts" to make each robot unique.

Extra resources can be found at the back of the book, books and websites for younger and older robot fans.

"If you can draw a square, a circle, and a rectangle, you can draw a ROBOT!"

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  1. Looks like a fun series. There seem to be more available on the market for kids who want to learn how to draw.

  2. I really like these learn to draw books. I'll have to look into this one for the kids, they enjoying sketching.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for getting this going again. I am hoping to contribute something each Monday! The book you shared looks fantastic! I will be looking up that author at the library next time we are there!

  4. The robot book looks like a fun one! I've added it to our library queue.

    Missed my chance to participate this week, but will be sure to share this coming Monday.

  5. We love the Ancient Egyptian version of this book. So much fun and inspiration!
    Going to pin this to my art ideas board. :)


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