Fitness and I

Fitness and I...mmm. I was a runner, for several years. I did a few 5K races and even a 10K. I enjoyed it while I was running, but then something changed. I am not sure what it was, but I got bored and didn't look forward to my runs any longer. It became a chore and I decided then to take a break. I started including more bike rides to my routine, then winter came.

In the winter, I am like a bear. I hibernate. I just never feel like doing workouts. I enjoy walking still but that is about it!

March comes along and the promise of Spring. That is when I feel like coming out of my cave and starting to exercice again.

This year, maybe because I am turning forty, I really couldn't be bothered with doing things I don't enjoy. I have decided to "work out" again but only doing things I like and have fun doing.

I started again yesterday doing a mixture of short cardio (about 7 mn of running, stairs, and jumping jacks) and small handweight (2 cans of beans) exercices. This morning was day 2 and was much better than yesterday. I know my cardio will come back but it was pretty sad to see how out of breath I was yesterday! Maybe my whole hibernation phase every winter needs to stop!

This year, I want to add hooping to my fitness routine. We will be making hula hoops next weekend. I can't wait to try this out and I think it will be lots of fun.

I also want to check out roller derby once we move. Next winter, I promised myself I would try snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

For now, I will do more walking, biking as soon as the weather permits and my little cardio-weight routine at home.

I keep track of what I do with dailymile. Below is a snapshot of my lifetime stats. I don't always log in our walks, but the rest I usually do. You can find me
under Alexandra D. at daily mile.


  1. i look forward to hearing about your hooping experience. i think it would be something marguerite and i would enjoy.


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