freeplaylife challenge ~ weeks 8 & 9

The last two challenges of the freeplaylife challenge were not as fun as previous ones, but they did make an impact!

Week 8 was about "sorry", and more specifically stop saying "sorry" all the time. In her words, Tiffani explained:

"For this week only, I want you to drop it. Let it go. Stop feeling responsible for how other people take your actions, and stop assigning responsibility to others for how you feel. "
I’m not suggesting you don’t feel or empathize with the people around you, just be more creative about it. Be more honest with how you feel rather than assuming ownership of the way someone else has been affected. Oftentimes “I’m sorry” is used like a bomb in relationships when a scalpel would be better. It is overused by martyrs (“I’m so sorry!”) and selfish people (“Well I hope you’re sorry now!”) alike.
A lot of mental/emotional/spiritual energy can be cleared up when you allow yourself to feel different things about your actions without taking responsibility for someone else’s feelings about them."
We had three steps to get us started. First we needed to make a "stash" jar. Second we had to put $1 in the jar every time we used the word "sorry". Third, do this for one week.

Well, this challenge made for an interesting week last week. My husband was back after being away for over three weeks for work. We were very happy to be together but there were times when I found myself saying sorry. I am not one to apologize easily, so I thought this challenge would be so easy. Not so much! I found myself saying sorry for upsetting my husband's feelings often last week. I seemed to always be saying the wrong thing. Things were tense. I did learn to stop saying a quick half-felt sorry and instead I tried explaining myself better. This challenge brought to the surface more issues I thing than if I hadn't been aware of it. I believe it is a good thing though in the end. Communication in a marriage is so important, even after nearly 16 years!

My husband is now away again for work. This time apart will be even longer. We will be moving at the end of May and then, finally be re-united.

Week 9 is about cleaning out of closets! Here is how she put it:

"Each day, pick an area/drawer/closet/cabinet, and clean it out of one bag’s worth of stuff to throw away/give away/get out of your house. The size of the bag depends totally on you. It can be a ziploc baggie, or a gallon sized (or bigger!) trash bag. Just pick an area, pick a size bag, and get ‘er done! "

This challenge has perfect timing! We just sold our house and I started packing. Packing means I declutter at the same time. I have already gone through our cabinets in our bathrooms, getting rid of anything we don't use or that is expired (in the medicine box). The kids and I went through all the out-of-season clothes rubbermaid bins since this week had several spring-like days. We bagged anything that was too small or not-liked and put them in the car to drop off at the thrift store. Board games and puzzles were decluttered too, they will be donated as well. Moving helps with this, who wants to move something that won't be used?

The stash jar is supposed to receive 1 dollar for every bag/box that we clear. My jar has little pieces of papers. On them I wrote either "sorry $1" or "trash $1". I don't have disposable cash to put in the jar, but I still wanted to participate. So far, the jar has $16!