Our next home...on Prince Edward Island!

We haven't found a home yet, but our current house in Ontario is sold. We will be moving out at the end of May. My husband is already living and working on PEI. We are all looking forward to this move and can't wait to be together again under the same roof.

Sandstone Arch - Prince Edward Island - photo from Wikipedia

We are also looking forward to exploring the East Coast of Canada and the Island especially. PEI has so much to offer, history, culture, nature, and so much more. I will try to share our discoveries as much as possible with you on this blog, until then I will be busy packing (but still sharing our favourite books every Monday and whatever else of interest along the way).


  1. I am soooo jealous of your move! We hope to do an East Coast tour in the next few years as a vacation/field trip and PEI is a major stop in our plans!

  2. I am longing to return to PEI to visit and show my children. I went when I was 9 years old and can't get it out of my heart! Love to hear more details on it, about air quality, weather, gardening, farming, etc there :0 Love to follow what you are doing, and hey, we just read the LMNO Peas too... there's also a really cute book on Peas and I can't remember the name... I remember it's about the pea liking to jump on the spoon, etc and it has to eat all this candy before it can have desert.


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