The Hunger Games - Homeschool Fun!

The Hunger Games will be in the movie theatres in one week and the excitement is building all around us! It almost feels like Harry Potter and Twilight all over again!

In our home, my two older children have loved reading this trilogy and I am currently reading aloud the first book to my youngest so she can come watch the movie with us next week.

I searched this morning for interesting activities but came up only with ones that had fees attached. I voiced my disappointment on my blog FB page and right away two friends shared their findings! Thank you :)
I then created a Pinterest board and it soon filled with ideas for activities that would be perfect for homeschoolers in my opinion. Fun, creative and without the need for a crowd (many activities that I was finding before were classroom based or for library groups).
You can have a lot of fun with this book trilogy!

my pinterest board - just starting!


  1. I keep hearing about this Hunger Games.I am seeing a lot of this talk on facebook too. Now you got me more interested. Thanks for the great ideas.

    Lil Momma
    A mom who loves to introduce books by homeschoolers to her emerging reader.


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