Transformation Update :: March

More silver and white now! I just got a little trim last week and realized that I hadn't done an update here on my going grey since the end of February.

Not the best photo of me,
but it was taken after I got my hair trimmed...laundry was calling my name ;)

The trim felt nice and the hairdresser told me I really didn't need it, my hair is in excellent health and without split ends. She took half an inch to an inch and freshened up my layers all around. While we were chatting, I explained to her that I was letting go of fake colour, she suggested that she could colour the rest of my hair grey so I didn't have to go through the long transition phase. I thanked her, but explained that one reason I am doing this is to let go of the chemicals and fake products.

But, every since that day, it's been playing in my head. Should I just go for it, just the one time, get it all coloured grey so I can enjoy going out without a hat or scarf? I thought about it a lot, and even talked with one of my dear friends. She suggested that I cut my hair short again, cutting out all the old colour. The hairdresser had mentioned that too, but I had been so stuck in letting my hair grow that I had dismissed the idea.

After thinking about it some more, I think that is what I am going to do. Get a short (very short!) haircut to get rid of all the old colour and then start growing it out again, if I chose to.

I have been looking at my pins and pinning new ones this morning and I feel like that is the right solution. I don't have to do the un-natural colouring process and I get to enjoy my hair again. Plus, short hair is cute and summer is coming! And, I get to see what my silver hair is really like, not the fake grey. Not to mention that a haircut is way cheaper than colouring!

Here are some of my inspiration (dismiss the long hair one - that will be for later):

Next time I update, I might just have very little hair!!! Isn't change fun? I think so.


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