Book Sharing Monday :: America is Under Attack

"American is Under Attack" is written and illustrated by Don Brown and is part of a series called Actual Times.

When I noticed this title at the library, I was intrigued by it and how it would explain this horrible event to children. Don Brown does an excellent job at explaining what happened. He includes many details and stories about the firefighters and other individuals.

"High on the 88th floor, Frank De Martini, the building's construction manager, hadn't heard anything from the rescue operation based in the lobby. He didn't even know about the plane crash; he thought someone had planted a bomb or that a mechanical room had exploded."

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  1. Thanks for hosting and I am going to look for this book. My older two remember 911 and do not need to read about it. My younger son was 2 mos old when this happened and my baby was born four years after. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had no idea there was a book on this. We've spoken to the kids about this event but I haven't seen a children's book on it. Thanks for posting this. I tuck away all these books so I can pull them out when need be.

  3. I have read other titles by him and found him to be quite accurate, but age appropriate. This was a challenging title and its good to hear that he handled it well. I would love to find out what other titles are in this series, too. It is good to find series that can balance providing accurate facts with the age of the children targeted for the material.


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