Book Sharing Monday :: The Boy Who Grew Flowers

The Boy Who Grew Flowers is the story of Rink Bowagon, a boy who grows flowers on his head! This fictional story is a beautiful tale of courage, acceptance and friendship. I originally picked up this title because we are learning about flowers in science. It didn't really relate to our studies but it was such a nice story, I had to share it with you. Like all the Barefoot Books we have read, this one moved us through its illustrations and its story. 

"Climb to the top of Lonesome Mountain to meet a very special boy named Rink — every full moon, he grows flowers all over his body. This heartwarming story celebrates difference and friendship, as Rink meets a girl with her own secret, and they discover ways to help each other." from Barefoot Books.

"The Bowagons were the only folks who lived on Lonesome Mountain. The townspeople argued as to whether it was because they were such strange folk that they lived there, or whether it was because they lived there that they were such strange folk."


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  1. I would think it would lead to an interesting discussion. I could think of far worse things than flowers to have growing on one's head. It is great to find stories that explore acceptance with alternate issues.


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