Book Sharing Monday :: Countries of the World Series by National Geographic

We have been using a series from National Geographic called Countries of the World this year for our High School World Geography course from Harmony Art Mom(which all 3 of my kids participate in). She recommends using Enchantment of the World series, but our library didn't have many of the titles so I chose this series as a replacement. This National Geographic series turned out to be a great choice for our family.

Each book covers one country and follows the same format. You can see the contents in the photo below. Geography, nature, history, people & culture, government & economy are covered.

There is also a section with extra informative facts at the end of the book, along with a glossary, bibliography, and a section called further information that contains more web sites suggestions. Each section is filled with interesting texts, photos, and maps. These books are colourful, captivating and perfect for reading aloud in my opinion.

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  1. National Geographic has produced some wonderful children's materials over the years. This series seems like another hit. I have been disappointed in their children's magazine over the last few years. It used to be one of my favorites, but lately it has had less and less content.

  2. This looks fantastic! You always have the best books. These are a little above my kids' level but I will add them to my list for the future.


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