Baby Spiders!

On our back deck, Celeste noticed an egg sack full of baby spiders. The two photos below are from this morning. The spiders are all tucked into a ball again. I put a Canadian penny behind the ball so you could see the size. It's very small. When we first saw these baby spiders, they were more spread out, as you can see in the photo at the end of the post. 

These baby spiders are yellow with a black spot in the back. They are Garden Spiders  , also called corn spiders or writing spiders. They are found in North America, Hawaii, Mexico, and Central America according to Wikipedia. The babies were crawling all over the web and we thought they were very cute to watch and we like seeing the web too, holding the ball of babies. I am glad they are outside, not inside our house but we do have some spiders in our house too. The cats have been catching them and Adrienne keeps finding corpses  of spiders in the basement! 


  1. They are pretty darn cute for spiders!!
    It seems this year I am ushering quite a few of them out the door at our house

  2. What great pictures!! what an excellent find! Your photos bring back memories of when I too found a ball of baby spiders! I just found your comment yesterday morning on my baby spider blog post. Thank you so very much and for your comment on my daughter's novel.. your comment led me here to your blog. How nice.


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