Exploring PEI :: Argyle Shore Provincial Park

We visited Argyle Shore Provincial Park today. This park is located about thirty minutes from Charlottetown on the South shore of the island, on the Northumberland Strait. Last week, we had visited PEI National Park  on the North shore and we wanted to try the opposite side of the island this time. 

This beach was gorgeous. Red sand, rocks, tide pools, so much interesting things to look at! As much as I loved PEI National Park for the long beaches, the ocean, and the soft sand; this one was a hit with the kids and I loved it too. I feel so fortunate to call PEI my home, and we haven't even been here one month! 

We spent all of our time walking on the rocks and red sand, looking at everything under our feet. There were a lot of jellyfish everywhere on the sand so we had to pay attention to where we were walking anyway. 

We saw White Moon jellyfish, mussel shells, razor shells, barnacles, crabs (dead ones), and hermit crabs. Celeste and I kept calling every tiny hermit crab we saw "Pagoo"!  

My favourite discovery was a little starfish. We think it's a common starfish. I saw it in the water first, and it was very stiff and not moving, so I thought it was dead. I scooped it up with a piece of wood and put it on the sand so we could observe it better. To my surprise, it started moving and making its way down the piece of wood! 

Even if we are not homeschooling anymore, I think we will always be learning together. We came home and tried to identify everything we saw using our field guides and google! 

We all loved this park and plan on coming here again. We will explore more of the island all summer, hope you come along and enjoy my posts! 


  1. Alex, it looks absolutely gorgeous there! So much to explore, and so different from Ontario. I have a sense you're going to feel very much at home there. Very happy for you guys. :)

  2. merci de nous faire partager tout cela ! j'adore.

  3. i'm not jealous. i'm not jealous. ok. i'm jealous : ) sounds like a wonderful adventure.

  4. Beach looks so beautiful and full of different species.I specially like crab and moon jelly fish.I hope your trip was full of adventure and fun!! First Aid Training PEI


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