Exploring PEI :: Cavendish Beach, Orby Head, and a fox!

After Green Gables, we stopped at the beach near Cavendish. It was a bit cold that day, but it didn't stop us from taking our shoes off and walking through the little waves. We loved this beach, we could have spent hours walking on the rocks, looking at shells, and plainly having fun. I could have spent hours taking pictures, watching and playing with kids too! We will be coming back to this beach for sure. 

This beach is on the Gulf of St-Lawrence. We saw different jelly fish here than on the Northumberland Strait. I read that PEI has two kinds of jelly fish, the White Moon we saw at Argyle Shores and the Arctic Red we saw at this beach:

After our time at this beach, we drove along the coast and stopped at Orby Head. This was a spectacular spot with higher cliffs. 

On our way out of this stop, we noticed a fox standing on the side of the road. He was on the bike path, staring at something in the ditch. We stopped the car and I tried to get a few photos. The fox wasn't scared at all, I even got out of the car, and we all made noises to get him to look our way! He continued staring at something in the ditch, we thought it might have been a squirrel or chipmunk, and then suddenly pounced on it and disappeared in the bush. 


  1. Just found your blog from To The Outskirts. We love PEI and are going back in August after a few summers exploring other areas of the East Coast.


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