Homeschoolers For Life?

If you know me from Canadian Home Learning, you know that I had been homeschooling my three children for several years. It was difficult to decide to stop and I wanted to write a little bit about it. 

First, for me, moving to a new community is always a time to re-evaluate. I always did that at the end of every school year too, figuring out if homeschooling still worked for us. 

The kids and I started talking about our move and homeschooling shortly after we found out we were moving, in January. Adrienne, our oldest, decided right away that she would be going back to public school in September, for grade 10. Andre and Celeste wanted to stay home. We talked about homeschool groups in PEI and I made the necessary contacts. It seemed that the homeschool community was much smaller and not as active as a group from the start. We decided we would make our final decisions once we moved. 

Then, my marriage went through some very difficult times. My husband moved to PEI for his work in February, the kids and I stayed in Ontario until the end of May. I started thinking that it would be wiser to put the kids in school, in case  I had to find a full-time job. I made that decision at first because of my marriage trouble, but with time and reflection, I started thinking that it might be a good change. 

I feel that my two oldest are ready to move on, to go to public school. They are confident teenagers and focused when it comes to studying. They are strong in knowing who they are. I truly think they will enjoy their school experience this time around. The main issues before were boredom and the low quality of education. I am hoping they aren't bored...might have to look into college classes if that is the case! 

With Celeste, my youngest, I feel it's time too. As much as I love my time with her, she is very different than my other two and wasn't always receptive with learning with me. She might benefit from someone else teaching her. She  has always been super social. Having a more quiet homeschool group, activity-wise, wouldn't be a good match for her. 

While I am talking about homeschool groups, I don't want to give the wrong message. We have had both situations in the past, homeschool support group and on our own. You can homeschool in either situation. If you are on your own, you can plan extra curricular activities with non-homeschoolers. But there is something extra about being able to "hang out" with other homeschoolers , for the kids and the moms! Because we have had both, I know which we prefer and which works best for us. 

Technically, we might not be homeschoolers any longer but I truly believe that homeschooling is more a lifestyle and a state of mind, than where you actually "do the learning". We always have liked to learn new things and discover together. I can't imagine not being involved with my kids and what they are into. 

And how are the kids doing through all these changes, you asked? 

My kids have been amazing. We have moved several times and maybe that is why they handle change well. Or maybe it's just the way they are. All three are looking forward to their new schools, going somewhere new, learning new things, meeting new people! Celeste talks to me almost every day about her new school. Andre also told me, more privately, that he is looking forward to it. He wants to join the video-game design club and is looking forward to wood shop, cooking, and sewing classes! Adrienne has had more time to think about all this. She is also looking forward to joining clubs and maybe even a sport team. She is signed up in an all-girls Math class and a fitness-focused gym class! 

I will keep writing about our experiences and hope they will stay positive, but I will stay honest too. 


  1. Alex, wishing you well with the homeschool-to-school transition. It sounds as if you have made thoughtful choices! We have a foot in both worlds right now, with an eye to having all three in school in by fall of 2013 or 2014, but are keeping our options open. Love the new blog!

  2. You are so right - once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler. I loved my 4 years of homeschooling and am a better person all round, a better nanny and have a different outlook on life - all because of homeschooling.
    Good luck in your new adventures. I"m sure the children and you will all experience some sadness as the changes pass by, but you will all enjoy the new road of life.

  3. Good luck. You need to do what is right for all of you. I hope it all works out well.


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