PEI Wildflowers :: White

Bunchberry,  from the Dogwood Family

I love wildflowers. If it was up to me, my backyard would be a field full of wild flowers! Maybe I will do a little corner of our yard here... Until then, I can enjoy all the flowers we come across when we are out, walking trails or just on the side of the road. I am often way behind when we are walking a trail because I find a patch of wildflowers and I have to stop to take pictures. I don't pick the flowers, the only exception is one (or two) daisy but that's all!

I like to learn new things and I wanted to know the names of the wildflowers I come across. I found a little field guide by Katherine Clough at our local public library called "Wildflowers of Prince Edward Island". 

The beautiful white flower above is a bunchberry. We saw these at Victoria Park in Charlottetown, in the wooded area. The guide says that the berries are edible but not very tasty. They can be used with other berries in jams. 

Starflower, from the Primrose Family

We also found this other white flower, the starflower in the wooded area of Victoria Park. I thought this small flower was so pretty and delicate looking. 

Ox-Eye Daisy, from the Daisy Family

For the last one today I am sharing with you today, my favourite: the daisy. This is the Ox-Eye Daisy or Marguerite. You can see these everywhere on the island, not as much as lupines, but pretty close! 


  1. they are all beautiful, but i'm a partial to the marguerite ; )

  2. Beautiful photos! My yard is full of daisies that have overgrown my garden but I don't have the heart to cut them down.


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