Back into it!

I have been running on and off for the last nine years. The longest I have ever run was 12 km, so I am not a marathon runner or even close to that, but it is something that I have enjoyed over the years...until about eighteen months ago. We had purchased a treadmill and I switched my runs to the machine, all inside runs, very convenient but in retrospect, I realized that the machine slowly killed my love of running. Running became something I "had to do" and I wasn't enjoying it one bit. I'm all for being healthy and fit, but I need to enjoy myself in the process! 

I stopped running most of last year and this year. After moving here and seeing many runners enjoying the trails, I started thinking about starting again. I told myself I would not go on the treadmill, but instead stay outside, finding trails through the city and try to keep running all year long. I am also very interested in trying cross-country skiing, hopefully this winter. 

I started running again and it feels great. I love being outside and the air is clear and fresh here on Prince Edward Island. I am finding new routes and trying to get my runs longer. I am thinking of joining the 5k clinic at the running room. On the last two Sunday mornings, I joined their running club. 

It's been wonderful to get back into it! 


  1. Yay girl, I agree outdoors is always better. Canadian winters make it tough but hopefully PEI winters won't be too bad.


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