DiverseCity 2012 :: Multicultural Street Festival

Last Saturday, we attended a street festival in Charlottetown. It took place on Victoria Row (which I talked about briefly here). 

DiverseCity is a multicultural street festival, hosted by the PEI Association of Newcomers to Canada. Many different cultures were represented, either through live entertainment, with food or activities. 

Adrienne and I love the Henna Art we got! 

The photo above is from the following day. After the ink dried, it flaked off and we were left with the stain on our skin. The lady said it will last about two weeks. 
Adrienne also got her hair braided, Celeste too! 

Andre loved the East India food! We tried some delicious finger foods, one had potatoes, the other cauliflower. We also had samosas from the East Indian food booth. Celeste has a rice dish from Iran and a piece of cake. 

We watched many of the live shows. They were all very good! My personal favourite was the gypsy dancer. I always have had a fascination with gypsies since I was a child, not sure why...maybe because I have always moved around a lot! 

Here are more photos from the different shows:

Chinese dancer

Colombian dancers did a salsa

Taiwanese music and dance

Nepali dancers 

Another Chinese dancer