Sancastles and Tide Pools

Another gorgeous day on Prince Edward Island! 

We went to PEI National Park on Wednesday to learn about sandcastles from a local artist. He comes once a week and teaches the basics of sandcastles building and sculpting. We arrived a little late this time, but we still learned a lot. The kids put what they learned in practice right away. They each took a side of the mound of sand and started creating. We had another young girl join us for a short time (in purple). 

Learning about sandcastle building with the artist (in the green hat)

Adrienne working on trees for her village

Andre building a bridge

Once he finished his bridge, he added trees all around it

Adrienne's final village, complete with a bit of farm land and more trees.

After the sandcastles and before heading home, we drove a little further in the park to Robinsons Island. This is still a part of PEI National Park, about 4 km from Brackley Beach where we were. There was a short walk on a trail to get to the beach. The tide was out and this beach was more rocky, so we discovered a lot of tide pools. The kids love this and the rocks to walk on, and so do I! 

I think these rocks are so interesting looking, with the algea all over them: