Sandcastles and Siblings

This week, we went back to PEI National Park, Brackley Beach again. The weather has been hot here, even with a humidity index! Being near the water was much more comfortable. We couldn't go in it very far because of the jellyfish. They were everywhere! The good part was that they weren't very fast so we could still walk a little bit and cool ourselves off (and they didn't seem to mind me photographing them!). 

The tide was low when we arrived and created little pools of water. The kids decided right away to build castles on one of the little "islands". They claimed it for their own and went to work for the next three hours! 

I love watching my kids interact with each other and play. They are siblings, which I have learned over the years (myself being an only child growing up), involves a fair amount of squabbles and unjustified "disgust"; but I have to say that for the most part my kids get along nicely with each other. 

The best places for them: anywhere in nature or in front of video games, battling some evil guy together or building new worlds! I prefer the nature environment, but I recognize that video games have their benefits too. As this post written by a 12 year old clearly tells us, they can be the springboard for other activities. I agree completely! 

That day, we left the fantasy video world at home and instead they created wonderful mud structures. They had a whole little village there by the end of construction! 

As we were leaving the beach, we saw gorgeous sandcastles. I read somewhere that there is a sandcastle artist that comes to PEI National Park and shows his craft to others. We will need to find out when and where so we can learn too! 


  1. as liz lemon says, I WANT TO GO THERE.

  2. What a beautiful day to enjoy that amazing beach! I can't even begin to imagine how many hours I spent building drip castles as a kid. Your kiddos did an outstanding job! That red fine sand would be wonderful to work with. It would be neat if you got to see that sand master at work someday.
    Happy Weekending!
    Oh... and I loved Jacks post about video games!!

  3. *i want to go to there


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