Self portraits :: Why?

I take part in self portrait challenges. Two of them to be exact, both on flickr. One is a small group of wonderful women called 52 Fridays, the other is a much larger group, the BAM group. 

There are so many reasons to do self portraits. Here are a few of my thoughts:

They can be a push to get in front of the camera instead of always staying behind. 

It can show you a side of yourself you haven't noticed before. 

It can give you a visual of changes. If you are exercising or changing something in your look, you can notice it from your weekly photos. I stopped dyeing my hair November 2011, it helps to see the progress. 

It frees you in a way. After taking many weekly portraits, I think you start truly accepting who you are and what you look like. 

You might just start laughing at yourself. Which can be a really good experience. 

You might get really creative. Part of my issue is that I get bored easily with taking the self portraits, so I try to mix it up. 

As a mom, we are all busy. Taking five minutes, sometimes even less, once a week to snap a few self portraits is a special time. A time to be "self-focused" for a little bit. Most weeks I don't bother fixing my hair or putting on make up, because that isn't who I am, but sometimes I do. It is another way of "stealing moments". 

Self portraits are great for documenting the here and now of your life. 

I took part in 2010 and again this year. Most weeks, I have no desire to take another picture of myself. But I do it, and I am always happy I did. 


  1. Great post and thoughts...rarely take photos of myself. I love seeing all the many aspects of yourself that you show in each one...

  2. That is so neat to see them all together like that. I am a bit resistant about selfies. Thanks for your thoughts.. you have shared some great reasons to turn the camera around.


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