August Break :: Beach at Canoe Cove

We visited a new-to-us beach, this time on the South Shore of PEI.
Canoe Cove is a twenty minute drive from Charlottetown, 
situated on the Northumberland Strait. 

We arrived when the tide was still high.
The kids were able to swim,
then as the tide went out, 
they pulled out their sand castle building tools.

The building didn't last long 
because there were more fun things to observe.
So many hermit crabs and a few starfish!

A beautiful sunny afternoon at the beach.

August Break 2012


  1. I am popping in from August Break.
    Your photos are so very calming.
    Living near the ocean would be a dream come true for us...maybe when the kids move out...though I will always need my North-East four seasons.

  2. Hi there fellow Canadian! These shots are so beautiful...they make me long to revisit PEI. I was supposed to go this year, but wasn't able to and it breaks my heart. It's such a gorgeous, scenic place with so much to do. I remember looking for star fish there as a little girl, so I was really excited to see your pictures of them (since I never found any myself)!
    New follower through August Break. Looking forward to visiting you again! :-)

    ~Marie from Lost and Found

  3. given that it's sweltering hot in DC, playing in the water looks like perfection! great photos!

  4. The photos are excellent. I am painting my version of Canoe Cove with ocean swooping in. Thank you for inspiration. I live on the ocean here on PEI in Little Sands..Never been to Canoe Cove. Nancy


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