Exploring PEI :: Basin Head, Souris Lighthouse and East Point Lighthouse

We took a little day trip to the East coast of Prince Edward Island this week. The drive was about one hour and we visited three different spots. The weather was sunny, but it was very windy! 

Our first stop was to the tip at East Point. We wanted to see lighthouses and East Point has one:

"Where the sun rises and the tides meet"

We didn't stay very long, just enough to admire the ocean view and the lighthouse. The kids and our husky Orion were ready to get to the beach! 

Our next stop was Basin Head, a provincial park near Souris. 

This is a gorgeous beach and park! Endless white sand beach, and it's home to the Singing Sands. We didn't hear the sand singing this time, it was so windy! I joked that it was more like "stinging sands" because the wind was blowing the sand so hard on our legs as we walked! 

We will have to come again...

We think this is the ferry to the Iles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands)
We'd love to go there one day!

After our picnic lunch and some time at the beach, we headed to Souris. We stopped by the Souris Historic Lighthouse. The girls went up while Andre, my husband and I stayed outside with our dog. 

Our oldest took some photos for me and told me how it was a bit scary at the top because of the wind. They both loved the experience though, and the sea glass exhibit. 

Where the sea glass comes from, showing all the different colours of glass.

The light!

Light again.

View from the top of the lighthouse

Souris Port

It was a nice day trip. We are trying to fit a few more things before the summer is over and school starts! 


  1. Thanks for the photos of Basin Head beach especially! It really is gorgeous there! Can't wait to explore it sometime soon, I hope!

  2. Looking at this brings back memories of my road trip from Ontario to Prince Edward Island in 2013...
    I miss this gorgeous place so much!
    Currently blogging about it because my nostalgia has got the best of me.


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