Exploring PEI :: Cows Creamery and Anne of Green Gables Chocolates!

My husband has a few days off this week and we are playing tourist in our own city! A "staycation" for our family this year. 

We went to Cows Creamery and did their factory tour. The tour was interesting and showed us the production of their famous t-shirts, but the ice cream unfortunately wasn't being made at this time so we watched a video. We also learned about the Old Cheddar cheese, Cows butter, and Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar. We sampled ice cream, cheese (the old cheddar), and chocolate-covered potato chips. 

Ready to go on our factory tour!

T-shirt production area

The "cave" where the Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar are curing.

Next, we went to Anne of Green Gables Chocolates where we sampled more delicious treats: chocolate fudge. We had learned about chocolate-covered potato chips before we moved to PEI. We had to try those the first few days we arrived on the island, back in June! This time we were able to watch how they made them. 

Isn't this the cutest logo? 
See those chocolate covered potato chips? (photo from June)

The production of chocolate-covered potato chips
This time, we brought home a piece of the Old Cheddar cheese. We already had bought some butter earlier this week. It is delicious too! 

We finished our day with dinner at Boom Burger. Adrienne and I had their vegetarian sandwich and their PEI potato fries...yum! 


  1. what a fun day! and all the food looks yummy!

  2. Did you happen to find out if their cows are grass fed? I've heard their butter is from grass-fed and been trying to find out how true it is.

  3. They milk is gathered from the island cows which are grass fed!


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