Gold Cup and Saucer Parade, Charlottetown :: Part Three

Last part of my photos. I could share many more, but I think this will be enough! There were several marching bands, many local businesses and radio stations, cheerleader troupes, baton twirlers, and dancers. These last three groups would be best seen on video instead of photos, so I am not including them here. 

I thought the parade was a great way to find out about local groups and businesses, especially since we are new to the area. 

The Stay Golden float had me wondering what it was all about. It's the last photo in this post. With a little research, I found out Stay Golden is a local apparel company started earlier this year by three local senior high school students! Their story is a great one, you can read more here: Student hope accidental business stays golden on CBC News.   You can visit their website at Stay Golden. 

The second photo also has a great story behind it. We heard this young band named Ripped Paper on Victoria Row, one day we were on our way to the library. They are a group of 13 year olds and just started playing together this year. They have played throughout the summer on Victoria Row and on the parade float Friday morning. They really sound great! Here is an article on CBC News: Band of 13-year-olds make waves in Charlottetown