August Break :: Flowers in the City

Playing with my camera makes me happy. 

It's that simple. If I am having a so-so or a crappy day, it changes as soon as I grab my camera and go photograph something. 

Pretty easy thing to do! 

Usually not a day passes without me taking a picture of someone or something. My kids, our pets, myself, our meals, the garden, anything that captures my eye. 

My family is used to it. They either go hide as soon as they see me grabbing my camera or they just let me do my thing. 

For this first August break, here are some flowers from the gardens in front of Province House (check out my post about it here) and around the Confederation Centre. 

I am linking this post to August Break 2012 from Susannah Conway.

August Break 2012


  1. Beautiful photographs. You have a great eye to capture the beauty around you.

  2. as an avid flower-catcher i can really appreciate these wonderful images....they are soooo good.... i love all of them! the colors are stunning


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