A Mouse Hunt in Charlottetown

Do you see a mouse?

If you are looking for a fun free activity to do while in Charlottetown, especially with kids, I would recommend this mouse hunt! 

You can either go to Founder's Hall to find the brochure or download the pdf here. The brochure gives you all the clues and some background information "history bites" on each location. 

The mouse hunt takes you through a few downtown streets without being too long of a walk. You follow the clues and look for Eckhart the Mouse. Eckhart is a character from The True Meaning of Crumbfest, a children's story book written by PEI author David Weale and illustrated by Dale McNevin from Charlottetown. We are waiting for a copy from the public library. 

I wanted to show you all nine mice, without giving away the actual locations: 

This was fun! When we finished, we rewarded ourselves with some cow chips and raspberry cordial!


  1. aaaack!!! so fun!!! what a fantastic idea!! and those cow chips.... oh, my word. i must visit pei again....

  2. What a fun activity! Zach was fascinated with mice when he was little, he would have loved this as a little guy. Well, I bet we would all still enjoy it : )

  3. This is just the coolest activity. Those chocolate chips look mighty good

  4. I've not heard of this before. It's on my list for next time I'm on the island. :)


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