An Update on our Homeschooling Adventure

Homeschooling...I always like to call it an adventure. If you look up the definition of adventure, you often read the words "exciting", "unusual experience" or even "bold undertaking". I think homeschooling can be very exciting. Learning along with your children, showing them that learning can be fun and unlimited, discovering the world together, all that is exciting! Homeschooling is sometimes thought of as unusual because it isn't "mainstream", most children nowadays attend public or private schools. I personally think that public schools can be the right place for children, but not for all children and not all schools. Homeschooling is a big undertaking! It requires a big commitment from the homeschooling parent. I have always loved it, researching curriculum and activities, "teaching" (which I think more of sharing and learning with my kids), everything about it! 

Canoe Cove

Which leads me to our current situation. I have decided to keep Celeste at home. After just one week at the local public school, I knew in my heart that she would thrive at home. She will benefit from the one and one and the more complete education I can provide her. I have homeschooled my older two children the very grades Celeste is about to go through. I know Adrienne and Andre have a solid education and a love of learning. I want to be able to give that to Celeste as well. I am planning on keeping her at home until at least junior high school (grade 7), maybe longer. We will reassess every year. Her education is very important to me, as well as her "social life". We have already met local homeschoolers (at Canoe Cove, the photo above!) and have several activities and field trips planned for the next few weeks. 

For my older two children, they will be staying in public school. I visited my son's junior high last night and feel much more confident that he is receiving a good education there. His feedback has been positive so far, besides some complaints of being bored at times. The beginning of the school year often includes review, so I am hoping his boredom will be short lived! 

My oldest is also enjoying her experiences at her senior high school. I will be visiting her school this evening. She often tells me that she likes it and wants to finish her last three school years there. 

I am happy for her and Andre, and so grateful we had our years together at home. 

Every family, child, situation is different. I often find myself telling other parents that you truly need to do what you think is right for your own family. Asking for opinion or advice from other parents is often helpful, but you are unique and so is your situation. No one knows your children better than you! 

I have merged my old homeschool blog, Canadian Home Learning, with this one. You can see in the archives on the right side towards the bottom, all the posts dating back to December 2007.

I will continue sharing our discovery of Prince Edward Island, and I will also write about our homeschooling adventure and life in general. I hope you enjoy your visit here! 


  1. I didn't know you could merge blogs. Interesting. I agree. Every situation is unique and so advice isn't always valid when it comes from another family.


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