Back to Public School

First day of school! First day of back-to-public-school for my three children. Out of necessity at first, this big decision was made three months ago so we did have a long time to prepare ourselves. We also had lots of time to enjoy our summer and explore our new home.  

The kids were excited about their new adventure. Little Celeste had butterflies in her stomach last night but this morning, she was ready. I wished them all a good day and watched them get on the big yellow bus. First Celeste, then my two older ones. They ride on the same bus, half an hour after Celeste leaves. 

I'm glad to see how some things are opposite here on PEI. One example, in Ontario, high school students start their day much earlier than elementary kids. I understand that it must be easier for teens that hold part-time jobs, but it always seemed so early to me. My two older don't have to get on the bus until after 8 am here! 

I also like that they start back with only two days, a nice slow transition. Adrienne's first day schedule sounds great. Her school is only for grade 10 today, they have the building to themselves and her schedule includes "mingling" in the cafeteria, welcome speeches, a tour, and a BBQ lunch! 

I can't wait to hear about each of their day when they get back home! 

Many friends are asking me how I am doing. I really appreciate that question because, really, it is hard on me too. Having your children with you all the time for so many years, learning with them every day, laughing, discovering who they really are, being so involved...homeschooling was an amazing experience and it truly is a big change to have them back in public school. But, I am OK. I am keeping busy at home and staying connected with friends far away thanks to twitter and facebook. I am also planning on volunteering, attending library lectures, keeping busy at home too, taking care of my family. 

I hope my children look back on our homeschool years with happy memories and also that I prepared them well. I hope that they stay true to themselves, that Celeste keeps her wild spirit, Adrienne her creative and artistic side, and Andre his...well his quirkiness!  

Only a few more hours now... I'm off to make cupcakes for their after-school snack!


  1. You have a lovely Family Alexandra DK. Love to read your family experience , i enjoy it lot. all the best for future .


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