First Week Back to Homeschooling

The first week went very well. Not a whole lot of "school" was accomplished, but more than I thought! 

Teaching Textbooks is so quick at sending their orders. I placed my order on Friday afternoon and the following Tuesday it was sitting in our mailbox! 
We have used TT for Adrienne and Andre over the last five years, but this is Celeste's first time with it. You can check out samples and more information at Teaching Textbooks. She loves it, and asked me to do more than one lesson at a time! She started Wednesday and has already completed the first five lessons. 

We also started her science. We did the first lesson on Thursday, along with the extra reading and lab work. I am using R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey again this year with her, level one, this time Earth and Space. She really enjoyed this curriculum last year, so I decided to continue with it. The first topic was Weather Changes. We kept track of the temperature changes with water, some at room temperature, some with ice, and also with Celeste just holding the thermometer in her closed hands. She recorded all the information and we talked about it. I read aloud two books while she coloured her notebook cover page. The books were "Weather Words" by Gail Gibbons (we love her non-fiction books!) and a page on weather in our Usborne Science book. 

Celeste was sick for two days and rested a lot, she also had lots of opportunities for free play (the collage shows her playing with her playmobil outside). 

We went on a fun field trip with the PEI homeschoolers. It was at two  museum-style attractions and two mini-golfs! We both had a great time. I handed Celeste my camera at the museums so she could record our time there. I knew the exhibits wouldn't catch her attention for very long, but having "Mom's camera" really helped! She loved the mini-golf, especially the glow-in-the-dark one. Here are a couple of collages from our field trip:

At the dinosaur museum.
Even if the photo is a bit blurry,
I love how she captured her feet
and the T-Rex's foot on the top bigger picture! 

The second museum, lots of different things to look at! 

The outdoor mini golf. We thought the giant lobster was great. 

The glow in the dark mini golf, her favourite. 
It was a good slow start for the two of us! 

On a side note, my older two are doing great in their public schools. They both brought back tests/assignments with great marks. I visited both their schools' open houses this week too, and felt much more at ease than with Celeste's. They will both continue on in school and Celeste will be at home. I think it will be a nice change to homeschool just one child! I am looking forward to this experience. 

I am linking to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers again for their weekly wrap-ups. 


  1. That is great. I find it hard to do weekly wrap-ups with unschooling. Also, I don't have time right now. I sure love to read yours. I'm glad things are starting out well.


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