PEI Shellfish Festival!

Last weekend, I volunteered with Red Cross Canada at the Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival

This was my first volunteering experience and it was a ton of fun. It reminded me of my training in Travel and Tourism. I enjoyed the whole experience while "working". I watched several competitions (Chowder Championship, Clamato's Best Caesar in Town Finals, Oyster Shucking). I also was able to listen to several live music bands. 

I was given two passes and went back for more fun with my oldest daughter on Sunday! 

We watched and met Chef Michael Smith. He's great, friendly and so tall!!
My daughter is interested in going into Culinary Arts, so this was a very special meeting. 

Chef Michael Smith demonstrated how to handle and cook lobster.
He also talked about how to properly eat an oyster. 

Speaking of oysters... There is a Prince Edward Island Oyster Society ,
if you are an oyster virgin, you take an oath (see the card) and
then take a salty kiss by eating your very first oyster.
My own mother loves oysters, but sadly
I do not take after her.
There was some gagging involved and
lots of chewing (mostly because Michael Smith had just told us to)
and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to swallow the thing.
But I finally did.
Lots of drama and I will very likely
never eat an oyster again,
but I am happy I tried one!

It was the texture I didn't like at all, the taste was fine. 

Great live music by Bang on the Ear

All summer, I wanted to hear some fiddle music. At the festival, I finally did!
These are the Chaissons, a family of amazing musicians. 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! (Except for the oyster part). I'd love to meet Michael Smith!

  2. You are very brave to eat an oyster. I probably would not like it either.

  3. Thanks so much for volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Love the photos! - Janice

  4. That looks like it was an amazing experience!! How much fun volunteering can be. :) Love your expression when eating the oyster! I'm not big on the texture either. And the one time I felt nauseous during my first pregnancy was when my brother ordered a huge platter of oysters and ate it right in front of me. Ugh!!

    For some reason I haven't been seeing your blog posts, so I popped on by for a visit. Glad I did - I've missed you! xo


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