Roller Derby!

The girls and I attended the season finale of the Red Rock'N Roller Derby League. We have always wanted to watch a live game, after watching Whip It. Drew Barrymore directed it. My teen loves this movie. Do you know it? Here is a trailer:

We watched the Moonshine Maidens vs Twisted Sisters. These ladies are amazingly tough! So often they fell, and got right back up again. They all looked like they loved what they were doing. I loved watching the whole thing, the game, their outfits, their names, the music, even the DJ was fun to watch! Listening to the announcer and cheering all the ladies on. What a fun night, right here in Charlottetown! 

The Twisted Sisters won, but it was close for a long while and the Moonshine Maidens were in the lead too for a bit. Celeste was very happy because her favourite player was the captain of the Twisted Sisters "Lady G Slip'er" (seen in the photo below in the red helmet). 


  1. Season Opener this year is May 17th at Cody Banks Arena!!! :) C'mon out!!


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