Two Field Trips in One Day!

Two field trips in one day and both with the homeschool group! 

Celeste and I went to see Anne of Green Gables the Musical at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. It was spectacular. The sets, the costumes, the music, the acting, everything was very well done. We laughed a lot and just really enjoyed the whole experience. I can't share any photos because photography wasn't allowed in the theatre, which I completely understand and I would recommend that you see the show if you are ever visiting Prince Edward Island! 

Our second field trip was to Beamish Orchard.  This is an organic apple orchard very close to Charlottetown. The owner gave us a tour with a lot of interesting information. His orchard is beautiful and Celeste loved walking around it. The apples we tasted and brought home were Novamac type and absolutely delicious, great for snacks! This is a u-pick farm and we brought home about 6 lbs worth. They charged 65 cents a pound, which I thought was amazing for organic!