52 Weeks of Mail :: Week One

52 Weeks of Mail 

A fun project started this past Sunday, October 7th. The 52 Weeks of Mail Project starts this time of year to commemorate World Post Day. This is the second year being organized by the Etsy Greetings Team

The idea is very simple. Every week, write and send a letter to whomever you want, family and friends. A regular "old fashioned" letter, handwritten is such a nice surprise in the mailbox! 

I think it's a great opportunity to stay connected with friends and relatives for us since we just moved away from everyone! I also will encourage Celeste to make new friends by setting up a pen pal or two. 

I started this week. I grabbed my new Starbucks mug (my very first own mug), made some green tea and sat to write two letters. One is going to California, the other North of Toronto in Ontario. 

I enjoy doodling when I have the time and had fun adding some on one of the envelopes. I enjoy the process, I don't think I am good at it but hopefully the receiver won't mind! 

My second letter included a postcard of the Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick. 

Having been away from my parents and grandparents all of my adult life, I have boxes of letters received over the years. My best friend in France and I have corresponded for over 20 years! I love writing and receiving letters,but life can be busy and often I don't take the time to write. This project will be a great reminder to keep writing! 

Some of  the letters I have received over the years!

If you are interested, you can do your own project. There is no formal sign up and you don't have to let anyone know if you are writing or not. It's personal. I am choosing to blog about it to keep myself accountable. 

You can visit the Facebook page for the project and interact with others that are participating. Here is the link: 52 Weeks of Mail Project


  1. Very cool. The art of letterwriting and the special feeling of getting mail addressed to you is almost lost. I hope you have great success!

  2. such a great project — i *love* real mail.

  3. Well said! I attempted it last year and wasn't 100% successful, but am going to try again this year. I love to spruce up my envelopes as well. My thought is that a decorated envelope in amongst the bills and junk mail may bring a smile to the postal worker as well as the recipient - two for one!


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