A Quiet Week :: Week Four

Canadian Thanksgiving was Monday. Celeste had requested a traditional dinner so I happily fixed everyone a nice turkey dinner with PEI mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and homemade cranberry sauce. 

We didn't overdo it. The girls and I made a delicious apple cake for dessert. Monday was pretty much spent cooking, with some breaks in between. I took advantage of those breaks and went for nature/photo walks with Andre. 

I try to spend one on one time with each of my children as much as possible. Celeste now gets to spend much more time with me, so I make a point of having time with my teens as much as possible when they are home. 

Tuesday was a sad day as we said goodbye to our guinea pig Opal. She was really sweet and we will miss her. 

Celeste and I completed math and language art lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday. I started reading The Whipping Boy during lunch on Wednesday. Celeste loved it! I read it aloud to Adrienne and Andre a few years ago, and they still remember it. 

Thursday and Friday were PD days for Adrienne and Andre. We all took time to relax, read, and play. We spent some time getting organized and ready for the Field Training Exercise with their cadet troupe this weekend. 

Also this weekend, Celeste and I are participating in the PEI Marathon  events. Celeste is doing the Kids Spud Run and I am running the 5k race. We are both looking forward to it! We visited the Expo tonight after picking up our race packages. 

The 2012 Homeschool Blog Awards are on right now, time to nominate your favourite homeschool bloggers. I was honoured to be nominated the last two years and already put in my picks for this year. Go check it out!

This wrap up post is linked to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving...although I'm late! LOL I can't wait for Thanksgiving here in the States! It's a great family time!

    We've been wanting to visit PEI and Nova Scotia for years and years. ::sigh:: Anne! LOL Perhaps next year? (I'm in Maine, but close to New Hampshire so it's still about a 10-11 hour road trip to PEI.)

    It IS nice to spend time with the kids one-on-one! So important!

  2. Sorry to hear about your little piggy. We have two ourselves.


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