Great Fire of London, Anemometer, and Rainbow Handprints :: Week Five

Last week was a productive one with school work. We are also making progress with the repairs in our basement from the flood in September, which is wonderful. Soon, my oldest daughter will be able to move back into her own bedroom and our upstairs won't be so cluttered! 

Celeste completed 5 lessons in her Teaching Textbooks Math in 3 days. She wanted to get to the Bonus Round, so she just kept on going!

We started our History study. We are covering the Early Modern period (1600-1850) this year, following the Well Trained Mind sequence of the four-year rotation. The rotation is chronological and is divided in Ancient History, Middle Ages, Early Modern, and Modern History. A child that starts in grade 1 will go through this four year rotation three times, each time a little more in depth. 

This year is an introduction to the Early Modern time period for Celeste and we are using History  Odyssey as curriculum. I am adding some read alouds when I find them at the library and for now I write down her narrations. She is enjoying the readings from the Usborne History Encyclopedia and the Story of the World. She either colours the colouring page or plays quietly with her dolls. Keeping her hands occupied while I read works very well.

The first History lessons this past week focused on England, the Plague and the Great Fire of London. From our own bookshelves, we found the Usborne See Inside London a great addition to the lesson. I also read The Great Fire of London from the library. 

In Science, we built an anemometer to measure wind speed. Unfortunately, it didn't work very well. We found out we needed a sturdier paper plate for the base. We tried again at the end of the week and it worked much better. Celeste will be keeping track of the weather for a couple of weeks using her rain gauge, anemometer, and weather vane (which will be built this coming week).  

We continued with Geography and studied North America. I put a wall map up and Celeste loved looking up the countries and the flags on it. We reviewed the continents and the oceans again because I put that map up! 

We included some art in our week. Celeste and I used watercolour pencils to colour butterflies and we also did a neat optical illusion with our hand prints (thanks to Laura!):

The rest of the week was filled with fun stuff: lots of read aloud, play, family time, and singing. Celeste had requested at the beginning of our homeschool year to include singing to her curriculum. We chose together a list of songs that she would learn and practice until mastered. I print the lyrics for her and play the song as often as she wants. Her first was Tomorrow from Annie. Her second and current choice is from My Fair Lady:

It's so nice to hear her singing her little heart out all the time! 

I am late with this wrap-up post, so it is a little shorter. I have more things to say, but I will write another post for those! 


  1. I read through the post it is nice. I am glad that after reading of science you are utilizing the knowledge gained from the book in development of the anemometer. So nice keep it up..


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