PEI Marathon Weekend :: Kids Spud Run & 5K Run

Celeste and I participated this past weekend in two PEI Marathon Weekend events. She did the Kids Spud Run and I did the 5K Run. 

Our weekend started Friday evening, when we visited the Expo to pick up our bibs and t-shirts. There were several booths set up that we enjoyed visiting. 

It was really windy and cold on Saturday for her run, but that didn't stop her! Andre had been training her in the backyard for the last few weeks. I thought it was really cute, he would get her to run around for a few minutes and increased it every day, then they would play soccer together. 

At the Kids Spud Run, she ran the whole way, twice around the UPEI track. 

She was still cold, but really happy to have done it. Her goodie bag was filled with cool stuff!

I completed the 5K Run race Sunday morning. The temperature was still a bit cool, but it wasn't as windy. The race was very nice and I really enjoyed myself. This was my third "real" race and my favourite. I am not super fast, but I was pleased with my time, the best so far for my races: 33:08. 

I went back after my race and watched the half marathon and marathon runners pass the finish line. It was very inspiring and I really want to give either races a try. First I will work up to doing a 10k race, then we'll see! 

Celeste told me after my race that she wanted to do the same 5k next year. There were many kids that did it and I think it's a great goal to have! 

My next race is the Resolutions Run, another 5k. I signed up for this winter run so I would keep on training through the colder months. I usually hibernate...