Week Six :: Singing, Playdate, and "School" Too!

Another nice week spent learning with Celeste! 

We baked together Monday afternoon. This zebra cake was fun to make. I found the recipe at Robin Hood website. They have a fun (and free) Baking Hour section to encourage families to bake together. 

Celeste practised her song from Fair Lady a lot this week, it was wonderful listening to her. She adds the accent in it which I love! 

We had a lot of fun Friday during our play date at our house. Three homeschool girls and their mom spent the afternoon with us. It was so nice to connect, for the girls and for us moms too! 

Celeste continues to enjoy her Math with Teaching Textbooks. She completed five lessons in three days. 

In science, we made a weather vane and she will now be keeping track of the weather with all the tools we have made over the last few weeks. We have been keep tracking of Hurricane Sandy or "Frankenstorm" since Friday and that led to reading more about hurricanes. 

In history, we read about the Habsburg and Netherlands too. Narration, map work and a colouring page went along with a lot of reading this week! 

We are still in North America in our geography studies. It's actually perfect for Celeste because she doesn't have a lot of knowledge about Canada yet and this week focused on our own country. 

We also completed grammar and writing lessons together. In grammar, I read the lessons and she completes the exercises while I watch. She is liking Growing with Grammar a little more now. Writing with Ease is working well too, it has narration, dictation and copy work. 

I attended the monthly homeschool moms meeting Thursday evening. It was a Charlotte Mason one and was an introduction so a great review for me. I don't follow CM method 100% but take a few ideas here and there, that I find works for my family.

I am linking to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for this wrap-up post.