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I am starting a new series of posts called Celeste's Projects

I have been reading Lori Pickert's book "Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners" for the last few weeks. I will need to do a separate post with a review on this wonderful book. It is inspiring to say the least! But for now, I am posting about Celeste's Projects. 

These projects are usually done in the afternoon, or late morning if we had an early start with her regular school work. She loves having the afternoons to herself to play or now to "work on her projects". 

After I started reading the book, Celeste and I talked about what she wanted to do. She has several things on her list of projects, one being baking and cooking meals. 

We read Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off before Nana came to visit us. Celeste really enjoys these funny books. This particular title is about Amelia Bedelia accidentally entering a cake-making contest. The recipe for her sheet cake is at the end of the story. Celeste noticed it and told me she wanted to make it. 

Now that we are back to our regular routine, I pulled out the book and asked her if she wanted to try the recipe today. A big yes was the answer. 

She read the full recipe and gathered all the ingredients, checking with me to make sure she had the correct ones. 

She then asked me to read every step of the recipe and did them all herself. This recipe is all done in the same pan, lots of mixing which Celeste loves to do. 

Celeste has helped many times with baking before, but this one was done completely herself. All I did was read the recipe steps and take pictures. The cake turned out very nice. We might add icing to it. 

If you are curious about Project-Based Homeschooling, you can visit Lori's blog . I highly recommend it, and not just to homeschoolers. 


  1. alex, thank you so much for your kind words about the book and the blog! i love seeing celeste working on her projects! :)


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