Cross-Stitch "Revival" and its Ripple Effect

I have been working on a little counted cross-stitch project. I haven't done any cross-stitching since my early twenties! This pattern is from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and so fun to do. This is a Christmas countdown in Kawaii style. Every week, I receive by e-mail a pdf with one row. I find this a nice set-up, it's not as overwhelming this way. 

As soon as I started working on my project, my kids wanted to try it. I had planned ahead and grabbed more Aida cloth. They have all tried a little and all enjoyed it. 

This ripple effect happens very often in our home. I have witnessed it over the years. 

Even when my teens were little kids, they always wanted to do what I was doing. No matter what it was. Kids want to mirror their parents. 

I have encouraged other moms to try to find the time to include hobbies and interests in their busy lives. I know it's difficult at times, but it's important for moms to have "something for yourself" and you never know what effect you will have. Children are always watching their parents. 

If they see you reading, building something, cooking, exercising, sewing, quilting, anything that you have an interest or passion for; they will notice that and maybe even become curious to try it out. They might not continue or even like what they try, but it could lead to something else. And at least they are trying new things. I believe life is short, so if you are curious about something you should try it. Some things are harder to try because of various reasons, but often, you can find some way or something similar. 

When I started this small cross-stitch pattern, it introduced my kids to another type of embroidery. All three tried it. Adrienne did the mug and Andre the Christmas light bulb: 

I will use these individual ones as Christmas ornaments, adding a little fabric around them and on the back. Celeste is working on a bigger pattern, the Gingerbread Couple. 

Andre wants to do a bigger project soon. We found a cool Dr. Who pattern from Wee Little Stitches. I think this would be perfect to do during his school holiday break. 

{photo of "Pixel People - The Eleven Doctors" from wee little stitches}

Adrienne asked for graph paper so she can design her own cross stitch pattern. I will need to pick some up soon. She will probably do some manga-style drawing. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! 

What are your hobbies? Do you find your children curious about what you enjoy to do? Do you agree with me that it is important as Moms to take some time to pursue our own passions? You can answer in the comment section if you like. 


  1. My son always sees me cross-stitching and he asked to learn. Teaching him was so much fun!

    Oh yes, we need to follow our own interests and passions. I think if we do not make time for ourselves, we risk burn-out.

  2. This is so true -- I love to knit and my 6 year old just asked me to teach her -- as she finished her first row, she said 'mummy, knitting is magic!!' and she's been enthralled ever since, even waking up at 630 for some 'special knitting time' on the couch. Such fun!

  3. my sons have learned to knit, embroider, garden, cook, bake, etc. etc. — it makes sense that they’d want to be a part of something they know we love. :)

    and you know i think it’s important to share your passions! ;o)


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